Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Cleaners' jobs in Australia

Cleaners' jobs in Australia

If you are a skilled worker, know English at a sufficient level and sincerely want to live and work in this continent, then you will find your place.

Not everyone can get qualified work in Australia, since this country puts forward considerable requirements for candidates for certain positions. But in order to get an unskilled job, special work is not necessary. 

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The country is happy to accept people who for a low fee (by Australian standards) are able to perform work that does not require additional knowledge or skills.

There are a number of professions that are in demand on the mainland, but not every resident can work in these positions, and this is because Australian companies put forward serious requirements for knowledge of their profession, as well as English.

 Cleaners are required
In connection with the opening of a hotel and restaurant complex in some cities of Australia, cleaners are required to work. 

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Consider candidates without experience;
Basic requirements for candidates: accuracy, decency.
Gender, age, nationality, does not matter.

The work schedule is negotiated individually, part-time or several days a week. There is also a full-time option with the addition of functionality.


Quality control of apartment cleaning.
Quality control of check-in and check-out of guests.
Work with the current staff of the maids, as well as the selection of new ones.

Purchase of household cleaning products.
Communication and problem solving skills with the owners.
Communication and problem solving with guests.

Cleaning (including dusting)
Washing dishes
Cleaning the kitchen and utility rooms of the restaurant
Cleaning the hall and restaurant building.
Help in the kitchen


We are looking in our team for an energetic, positive specialist with managerial and administrative experience for the vacancy: Housekeeping Manager. This position includes the functions of: manager and manager.
Work as a housekeeping manager will suit you if:
You have experience in managing a team, the ability to clearly and clearly convey tasks to people with control over their subsequent implementation.

You have a lot of energy, but at the same time you are attentive to details, you can concentrate, your attention is enough to work with the whole team, and you will begin your cover letter to us on this vacancy with the words: “A great start”;
Experience is desirable
A responsibility

- the work schedule is discussed at the interview.
- Salary …… / shift
- We provide accommodation for free
- meals for free
clearance by TC
Mobile work.
Career growth.
Company training


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