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An irreplaceable opportunity - travel to America as a free volunteer, all you have to do is pay for your flight ticket

An irreplaceable opportunity - travel to America as a free volunteer, all you have to do is pay for your flight ticket

Traveling to America as a Volunteer - Dear reader, you may dream of getting to America somehow, maybe you thought about touring there, but unfortunately the lack of money stands in the way, maybe you wished to study there, but there are reasons that prevented you from that, you may have thought Several ways to travel to America, but not all of them worked.
In our article today we will talk about a way to travel to America as a volunteer for free for 3 months and without paying for the cost of accommodation or travel.
So let's learn how to travel to America as a volunteer:
The idea is that there is a hotel in Anchorage, Alaska looking for people who can work as volunteers.
Application Requirements:
·        Age from 18 to 50.
·        Intermediate level of English.
You are required to:
·        Assists with hotel business 24 hours a week (approximately 8 hours per business day).
·        Change and clean the bed sheets.
·        Help clean the hotel's kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms.
These were the duties you had to do, but the hotel offers you your rights.
·        Four days off per week.
·        Free room.
·        The possibility of cooking yourself.
·        Discount on tourist trips.
·        The possibility of washing your clothes for free.
What will I benefit from traveling to America as a volunteer?
There are many things that you will benefit from and mention here:
·        Explore new cultures.
·        Get an unforgettable experience.
·        Develop your English.
What about the visa?
The US visa must be requested from the US consulate in your country.
You can go to the nearest consulate to ask them about the documents required for the US visa file.
How to apply to travel to America as a volunteer:
All you have to do is enter the site below and click on the word “Apply Now” in green.
from here

How to Find a Job in America

How to Find a Job in America
You are a new immigrant and do not know ways to find work in America
Looking for work in America is something that every new immigrant in the United States of America thinks, especially those who have no friends or family there in order to mediate them to get a job means to facilitate as much as possible the way to get a primary job.
Today we will show you the right way that all new immigrants in the United States rely on to find work.
Searching for a job in America via the Internet:
Most migrants are looking for work through the Internet on specialized sites.
By filling out the immigrant's CV.
Some of the top job search sites include:
Before applying online, a new immigrant must purchase a SIM card.
 Because the majority of recruitment companies call the employee by phone.

Looking for a job in America through a friend or direct employment:
Upon arrival, a friend in the United States can help you find work either where he works or through other people he knows.
You can also get a direct job at a restaurant.
As you stroll through the streets of your city you will find that restaurants have an advertisement for "employment" so you can go to them and get a job.

Types of jobs that can be employed on the first day in America:
These jobs are often temporary until the person gets his documents as well as his proficiency in English.
These jobs do not require neither experience nor language such as working in restaurants or in goods stores such as arranging goods and other jobs.
The hourly rates in America vary from state to state, depending on work.
The minimum wage is $ 7.25 per hour.
The immigrant works 40 hours a week and can add 20 hours, which can be up to 60 hours a week in total.

How do I receive my salary in America?
The method of salary delivery varies from company to company but there are specific ways either by sending your salary to your bank account or by giving you a check with all your dues every week or every two weeks.

Seasonal employment contracts in Italy 2019 What is the Decreto flussi?

Seasonal employment contracts in Italy 2019
What is the Decreto flussi?
The annual flow decree, known as the “Flossy Law”, is an administrative procedure issued by the Italian government every year to allow foreign nationals to enter Italy for work, whether seasonal or habitual.
This decree also allows the entry of qualified workers to engage in self-employment and the establishment of their investments under certain conditions.
The Italian Flows Act also permits persons residing in Italy on the basis of study or on the basis of long-term seasonal work…
The aim of this law is to help employers to obtain labor to fill the specialization experienced by some professional sectors in Italy
So even after Salvini's opposition to the influx decree and his repeated threat to cancel it, he didn't.

The reason for this is due to the pressure of trade unions who insisted on bringing foreign workers to ensure the safety of the economy.
How many people will benefit from the influx decree for this year?
According to what was published in the Official Gazette n. 84 del 9 aprile 2019 The number of people who will benefit from the influx decree for this year is 30,850.

Here we want you to understand something important that this whole number is not just for people living outside Italy.
It is also addressed to people in Italy who have already worked there, entered by study and want to change the type of residence and also to Italians living in Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela and Brazil
And even for people who work in the European Union…
All of them are covered by the annual immigration law and, in order to become renewed and permanent, they must enter the so-called “quota system”.
For people who will migrate by seasonal employment contracts in Italy 2019 for the first time
The government has authorized the required 18,000 seasonal employment contracts for agricultural or tourism activities.

Under this number (18,000 contracts), 2,000 contracts will be allocated to multi-year seasonal work.

The remaining employment contracts, 12850, will be allocated for non-seasonal work (private work, converting study residence to work…)
So what you should know is that Italy does not bring migrants mercy or compassion, but it is in dire need of them. (WINNER / WINNER POLICY)

What is meant by seasonal work in Italy within immigration quotas?

Seasonal work is not available throughout the year, but during a specific period and during a particular season. And also in a particular professional sector.

The occupational sectors in which the seasonal worker can work are:
Agriculture sector (agriculture, harvesting, harvesting…)
Tourism sector (working in a restaurant, cafe, hotel…)
This means that the foreigner will not be able to find a seasonal employment contract in a professional field other than the mentioned, such as construction or mechanics…

How do I register for seasonal employment contracts in Italy 2019?
That's a wrong question, why? It is simply not you who will register on the Italian Ministry of Interior website
Unfortunately, there are sites and videos explaining the method of registration and this is called the right word that I want false.
The reason for this is that you can already register on the site, but no one will care about you, it is you? And who is your operator? What is your tax number?
So don't waste your time registering at the ministry's website, except if you're a resident of Italy and you want to bring workers to work for you.

So how do I register?
The right way is to find an Italian-based employer who accepts you with a seasonal contract
This employer may be an Italian national or a legally resident immigrant with an agricultural or tourist project who wants to bring workers from abroad to work for him.
If your employer agrees to employ you, you will need to provide some personal information such as:
your full name;
Date of birth;
A copy of your passport;
Your current country of residence;
your home country..

When will the registration for seasonal employment contracts start in Italy 2019?

Registration and archiving of information on the website of the Italian Ministry of the Interior will begin on Thursday, April 11, 2019.

However, the day of submission, as it is called Click Day, the day on which the application will be submitted and confirmed will be from

On April 16, 2019 at 9:00 am for non-seasonal workers (who will benefit from converting their residence to work…)
April 24, 2019 at 9 am for seasonal workers
Registration will be available until December 31, 2019
Applicants are advised to apply as early as possible at 9h: 00min
Because applications are received on-the-go, it means who pays the application at nine o'clock have a higher chance of being able to submit the application at ten o'clock or after two hours, a month or two months…

How long is the seasonal employment contract in Italy?
The duration of seasonal employment contracts in Italy ranges from 20 days to 6 months and in some cases up to 9 months.
This is due to the duration of the contract with the employer and also by additional sectors and extensions.

Work in Spain in agriculture for 2019

Work in Spain in agriculture for 2019
In this article we will talk about working in Spain in agriculture 2019, and this article devoted to our fellow immigrants in Spain, especially those who do not have a residency card and find it difficult to find work to help them improve their living situation
So we will try to bring you my brother immigrant to the subject of working in Spain Agriculture 2019 and inform you of all the details related to this work.
We will talk about the salaries of work in agriculture and areas of job search, and the privileges provided by exploitation in the field of agriculture rather than in other professional fields.

What you should know about working in Spain in agriculture 2019
It is known that a large number of immigrants who do not have residence papers in Spain find it difficult to find work.

This is because the Labor Code in Spain prohibits employers from hiring or employing any immigrant who does not have a residence permit
This makes an illegal immigrant unemployed and thus begins to think of illegal actions such as drug trafficking or theft…
When an immigrant enters this world, he or she enters a dead end, and the result is imprisonment or deportation. This is what no one wishes.
As for those who earn a living by sweating their forehead, they are forced to work informally or so-called “work in the NOIR”.
This action is, in principle, better than criminal activity.

But this is also illegal, but what an immigrant should fear in informal work is not the law.
The law applies penalties to the employer, not the worker, so the problem is not here.
The problem, however, is that the employer may exploit the illegal immigrant, as long as he works illegally, and may deny him several rights enjoyed by legal workers.

But what to do and how can I, as a secret immigrant, find work in Spain?
If you are in Spain without papers and you have the intention to work and raise some money to improve your economic situation, we recommend working in agriculture.

Why work in agriculture and nothing else?
As noted above, the Spanish Labor Code prohibits the harragas from engaging in any paid work.
We know that working in Spain farming is also entering into the work forbidden to an immigrant who lives without a residence card in Spain.
In general, however, working in agriculture is the best job that an immigrant can work for a number of reasons
For example, anyone who works in one of the professions within the cities is subject to exploitation by the employer and is subject to arrest at any moment by the police.

He is also kept in his workplace throughout the day and his movements are calculated for fear of the police.

For those who work in agriculture, this means that he will be in areas outside the city, and therefore the possibility of arrest by the police is low.
In addition to being free to move without fear, he also enjoys the beauty of nature in the Spanish rural areas.
Above all, there are several jobs throughout the year in agriculture.

How much are the wages of work in Spain for those who work in agriculture?
One of the things that makes working in agriculture in Spain one of the best occupations that can work underground immigrant lies in the wage paid by the worker.

The price of working hours in agriculture in Spain ranges from 6 to 8 euros.
The number of working hours is between 8 and 10 hours.
There are those who will say this wage is not enough in Spain and can not help you with something.
Yes, we tell him your words are correct, but not for those who work in agriculture, and this is why we emphasize that it is the best profession that can work immigrant.

This is because those who work in agriculture are very likely to get housing.
As we know that housing in Spain is expensive and the price of renting apartments is high even for those who have a residence card
This means that an illegal immigrant will save a good amount through this privilege.

In addition, those who receive housing are exempted from paying utility bills.
The invoices are at the expense of the employer, which also helps to save respectable amounts of money
In addition, some employers (not all) come to the workers' daily food and thus exempt them from food expenses.
All these privileges can not be obtained by those who work within the city, if found a job.

Anyone who has a talent in football can get a US grant

Anyone who has a talent in football can get a US grant

If you are a fan of playing football, you can go and settle down, boosting the best of the world.
Yes, dear reader, it's the fact that you can get a scholarship for football players.
The opportunity to receive this grant is very high and the standard of living in countries such as Canada, America and Australia is very high
We will focus on America as a country that attracts a large number of immigrants every year.

Get a US scholarship for football talents:
When you think of the word sports in America, we immediately think of the game of American football or basketball or all other sports that are not popular in our region
But in America there is also a share of the sport of football, but the level of football players is not up to the global level as it is in other countries.
So if you are good at playing football, the chance of getting the scholarship will be great.

 Ways to get the American Football Grant:

There are 3 ways any young person with talent in his feet can use for a US scholarship
Method 1:
This method is done by many people and frankly is the best where the person is applying for a course to study the language.

Here you start visiting the football academy where there are a lot of them .. Try to show them your skills in football and it is very easy.

You just have to contact the academy and know the time of exercise and experience and give you a chance to show your skills.

Often, you will find yourself welcome to the academy, provided you find it to play football and thus get a professional contract.

From him you can get an American grant and travel to it. Frankly advise you this way.

Method 2:
This is a fairly traditional method where you record a video of you playing a game or show what you can do in the video.
Then you collect a series of videos and send them to different academies and universities that offer special scholarships in football.

Method 3:
This method is carried out by many people, especially those in America, where they rely on brokerage offices, especially football players.
It is the competence of these offices that they prepare a file for you and send it to academies and universities.
If you have any chance to show your skills, the office tells you to come and take the exam.

There are a number of specialized offices operating at a cost of about $ 3,000.
As an important piece of information, all US universities in the United States and the United States have a football team and offer scholarships
These were the ways in which to apply and receive a special scholarship for anyone who is good at playing football
In addition, you can access university sites and write to them that you can play football and send
Have a video showing your skills and try again and you will get a scholarship after trying.
·        Use this site to search for academies and universities

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Visa for peasants and farm workers in Australia

Visa for peasants and farm workers in Australia

One of the advantages of traveling to Australia is the Australian Government's reliance on many permanent immigration programs and temporary residence in Australia, which gives great chances for those wishing to work and live in Australia regardless of their abilities, educational abilities, educational level and language.

Perhaps the most prominent programs to apply for immigration in Australia are:
Skilled Employment Program
Temporary Work Visa Program
Rural and Northern Migration Program
Australian Provincial Visa
Farmers Visa
The focus of our conversation, God willing, will be about the agricultural visa for Australia, let us begin with God's blessing by informing you about the work visa for farmers and peasants in Australia.

What is the Australian Farmer's Visa?
This is a temporary Australian work visa called Agricultural visa.
The Australian Agriculture Visa allows employment on Australian farms and fields after obtaining a formal employment contract there.
A work visa is normally granted for a renewable year if the employer keeps you on the job as a farmer or farmer in Australia.
There are two types of Agriculture Visa, Visa Branch 457 and Visa Branch 187

The most important peasant occupations required in Australia:
The most important occupations required include agriculture engineers, field workers, herdsmen of sheep, cows, goats and others

How to apply for a visa for farmers and peasants in Australia:
You can apply for an online search for the owners of farms and agricultural institutions in Australia and then send your CV and you need to have experience in the field of agriculture.

You can upload your own work videos and send them for your consideration and evaluation. After that you will be contacted via email and Skype to determine the official interview.

If accepted, they will send you an official placement agreement and then apply for a work permit or visa at the Australian Embassy in your country or at the TLS Center, which cares about Australian visas such as the TLS Visa UK for Algerians.

You are also required to pass a medical examination and pay a file with the Visa Australia file.
The Embassy provides you with an Approval letter which is valid for travel to Australia with a work permit sticker for Australia.

Professionals required to immigrate to Canada and how to apply

Professionals required to immigrate to Canada and how to apply

Because Canada is the second largest country in the world with a land area of ​​9985 million square kilometers and a population of not more than 39 million people, so it is forced to attract a large number of immigrants, especially those in professions that are in dire need of them now.
For this reason, the Government of Canada provides many immigration programs, especially the rapid entry program, which can immigrate to Canada in only 6 months.

Here is a list of the most wanted professions in Canada for this year, which include many of the professions required in the list of professions required to immigrate to Canada official:
- Construction workers
- Chefs
- Purchasing Managers
Painters and sculptors
- Workers in the field of sewing
- Post staff
- Firefighters
- Insurance and financial intermediation managers
- Medical laboratories
- General practitioners in the financial field
- Workers in the field of horticulture and landscaping
Civil Engineers
- Lawyers
- Physiotherapists and physical rehabilitation specialists
- Network workers
- Journalists
- Managers of Manufacturing Department
- Broadcasters and Animators
- Financial analysts
- Workers in the field of footwear industry
- Actuaries
Petroleum Engineers
- Employees in the field of marketing and advertising
- General practitioners
- In the field of building management
- Workers in the field of information systems
- Workers in the field of upholstery and furniture
- Land surveyors
- Textile, fur and similar staff
- Real estate managers
- Nutrition experts
- Operation and maintenance managers
- Workers in the field of social work
- Meteorologists
- Mining Engineers
- Construction Managers
- Dentists
- Workers in the field of graphic arts
- Nursing personnel
- Database analysts
- Interior designers
- Translators
- Hairdressers and hairdressers
- Mechanical Engineers
- Software Engineers
- Hospitality, Tourism and Travel Service Providers

Immigration to Canada via the Quick Entry Program:
This program aims to reduce the time taken to study and process immigration applications to Canada, which leads to a reduction in the waiting time to study the immigration file.

Immigration to Canada, which announced the need for 48 thousand drivers with important salaries

Immigration to Canada, which announced the need for 48 thousand drivers with important salaries
If you have the ability to drive long distances and have a license to drive trucks and want to immigrate to Canada, this is your chance to get this job with a high salary.

According to the Truckers' Association, although drivers in Canada earn an attractive salary of between $ 50,000 and $ 90,000 a year, the country currently suffers from a severe shortage of 48,000. The reason for this is the difficult working conditions. It is borne by few who accept this profession.

Since Canada has a land area of ​​9.984.670 km², the driver usually works for up to 12 days continuously due to the length of the distance traveled until after taking a vacation for only 3 days to rest and prepare for another trip.
Faced with a severe shortage of Canadians practicing the profession, the Atlantic Provincial Truckers Association organized a program to train immigrant drivers arriving through immigration programs to Canada, employing only about 400 drivers from other countries between 2015 and 2018.

Even the founder of the Transportation Training Centers, John Piodre, has revealed that the profession is attractive to unmarried young people, where they find the opportunity to earn money beside wandering in all cities and provinces of Canada, but they lose their appeal when they marry and form a family.

El Whitaker, owner of a cargo company in the Canadian province of New Brunswick, said the truck drivers were most important as most of the goods in Canada were being transported on trucks, adding that he was finding it difficult to find new drivers and his best driver was now Above 70 years.

Immigration to Canada for those wishing to work in truck driving:
The method of application is through several methods, including applying through Canadian employment sites

Information for those who want to immigrate to Canada to work in trucking:
Types of work in truck driving in Canada:
Truck driving in Canada is diverse. There are people working on ice transportation, logging or fuel transportation, and also working across the country for long distances and short distances, and local work inside Canada and outside the Canadian border.

About 70% of Canadian trucks operate across the border, meaning that truck drivers need to cross the Canadian border and require a passport and a clean criminal record.

There is a huge demand in Canada for drivers with a clean criminal record. Trucking companies want to hire drivers that can be sent anywhere outside Canada, not just within Canada, especially at a time when there is a severe shortage of drivers.

Truck Stop Facilities in Canada:
Although trucking is widespread in Canada, truck parking facilities are few in number, and most of those already in place are substandard.

There are few major truck stations along the Ontario and Quebec corridor and in major city centers such as Winnipeg, Calgary and Toronto, but they are not found on many other long-distance highways.

It can be difficult for truckers to find clean petrol stations.When looking at the 3,600 mile highway from Canada's east coast to the Canadian west coast, truck stops can reach several hundred miles, which makes trucking in Canada is more challenging, with a limited number of places to stop for rest and meals.

Some challenges for drivers:
Winter in Canada and off-road especially in the mountains and congestion on the main roads makes driving task difficult for truckers,
The long list of strict rules and regulations imposed on drivers makes truck driving in Canada less attractive than it was a few decades ago.
However, it is still possible to make this profession attractive, if the driver works with a good transport company.