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Work in Spain in agriculture for 2019

Work in Spain in agriculture for 2019
In this article we will talk about working in Spain in agriculture 2019, and this article devoted to our fellow immigrants in Spain, especially those who do not have a residency card and find it difficult to find work to help them improve their living situation
So we will try to bring you my brother immigrant to the subject of working in Spain Agriculture 2019 and inform you of all the details related to this work.
We will talk about the salaries of work in agriculture and areas of job search, and the privileges provided by exploitation in the field of agriculture rather than in other professional fields.

What you should know about working in Spain in agriculture 2019
It is known that a large number of immigrants who do not have residence papers in Spain find it difficult to find work.

This is because the Labor Code in Spain prohibits employers from hiring or employing any immigrant who does not have a residence permit
This makes an illegal immigrant unemployed and thus begins to think of illegal actions such as drug trafficking or theft…
When an immigrant enters this world, he or she enters a dead end, and the result is imprisonment or deportation. This is what no one wishes.
As for those who earn a living by sweating their forehead, they are forced to work informally or so-called “work in the NOIR”.
This action is, in principle, better than criminal activity.

But this is also illegal, but what an immigrant should fear in informal work is not the law.
The law applies penalties to the employer, not the worker, so the problem is not here.
The problem, however, is that the employer may exploit the illegal immigrant, as long as he works illegally, and may deny him several rights enjoyed by legal workers.

But what to do and how can I, as a secret immigrant, find work in Spain?
If you are in Spain without papers and you have the intention to work and raise some money to improve your economic situation, we recommend working in agriculture.

Why work in agriculture and nothing else?
As noted above, the Spanish Labor Code prohibits the harragas from engaging in any paid work.
We know that working in Spain farming is also entering into the work forbidden to an immigrant who lives without a residence card in Spain.
In general, however, working in agriculture is the best job that an immigrant can work for a number of reasons
For example, anyone who works in one of the professions within the cities is subject to exploitation by the employer and is subject to arrest at any moment by the police.

He is also kept in his workplace throughout the day and his movements are calculated for fear of the police.

For those who work in agriculture, this means that he will be in areas outside the city, and therefore the possibility of arrest by the police is low.
In addition to being free to move without fear, he also enjoys the beauty of nature in the Spanish rural areas.
Above all, there are several jobs throughout the year in agriculture.

How much are the wages of work in Spain for those who work in agriculture?
One of the things that makes working in agriculture in Spain one of the best occupations that can work underground immigrant lies in the wage paid by the worker.

The price of working hours in agriculture in Spain ranges from 6 to 8 euros.
The number of working hours is between 8 and 10 hours.
There are those who will say this wage is not enough in Spain and can not help you with something.
Yes, we tell him your words are correct, but not for those who work in agriculture, and this is why we emphasize that it is the best profession that can work immigrant.

This is because those who work in agriculture are very likely to get housing.
As we know that housing in Spain is expensive and the price of renting apartments is high even for those who have a residence card
This means that an illegal immigrant will save a good amount through this privilege.

In addition, those who receive housing are exempted from paying utility bills.
The invoices are at the expense of the employer, which also helps to save respectable amounts of money
In addition, some employers (not all) come to the workers' daily food and thus exempt them from food expenses.
All these privileges can not be obtained by those who work within the city, if found a job.

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